Walk-on nets, also known as platform nets or positioning nets are made of high tenacity nylon or polypropylene with anti-UV treatment.


Safety netting designed for work at heights inaccesible by more traditional methods such as scaffolding or construction lifts.

Walk-on nets were created to provide a comforable walking surface with greater freedom of movement and ensuring a safe place to work.


Tie rope. Certified EN1263-1 type M (minimum tensile strenght 30 kN), or type Z (minimum tensile strenght 15kN) used with double load branch, to securing the border rope of the net to a suitable support of the structure (trusses or arcades) in the case of industrial constructions.

Coupling rope. EN1263-1 type O (minimum tensile strenght 7.5 kN). It joins two or more safety nets together.

This type of net is  a new way to accesing difficult work locations such as:

  • Outdoor Sports Stadiums
  • Indoor Events Halls
  • Below deck structures (bridges, viaducts, oil platforms, etc)
  • Roofing structural works.