Safety net certified standard EN-1263-1 type V

Safety Net with border rope attached to a gallow type support.


System to stop the fall of persons and objects at a maximum allowed height of 6 meters, recommended at 3 meters.


Safety Net EN-1263.1 VA2Q100, VA2Q80 or VB1Q60: made of high tenacity nylon/polyamide or polypropylene.

Gallow type support. Element of structural steel to support the safety net EN-1263.1.

Gallow type anchoring : The gallow type supports are anchored to the edge of the concrete slab by means of corrugated steel bars called “omegas” with a 12 mm diameter or ½ inch shown on the site.

Net anchoring : The V type net is anchored to the side of the concrete slab by corrugated steel structures names “U’s”, of 6 mm diameter or 3/8 of an inch, also shown on the site.

Tie rope. Certified according to the standard EN-1263.1 type G (minimum tensile strenght 20 kN) to hoist the net and anchor it to the gallow type support.

Coupling rope : certified according to the standard EN-1263.1 type O (minimum tensile strenght 7.5 kN) to join the net panels together.

VISOR NETS offers their customers a layout or disposition of V type net systems.